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DUST, 2021

1-channel HD-Video


The video DUST deals with the impact of our performance-oriented society. Instead of presenting obvious and superficial criticism of the effects of capitalism in the 21st century, DUST approaches the issue on a deeper, more subjective level. The everyday confrontation with the pressure to make a meaningful and recognized contribution is the trigger for the loss of control. At the end of our constant attempts to retain power over ourselves and our environment is complete deafness, callousness, surrender to completely uncontrolled behavior.

Through the effect of the inverting halves of the image, the hopelessness of this behavior becomes visible – instead of changing something, we turn in circles, repeat ourselves endlessly and end up where we started. Although the two sides of the video are separate, they are a mirror to each other. 

For the sound collage, text pieces by Robert Montgomery and the artist himself served as a starting point. By combining sound layering with AI-generated alienations, sounds are created that underline the intentionally disturbing elements of the work. 

The choreography was performed by Anne Keckeis and Teresa Raff. 

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